The Dreaded tsNet "Error Previous request not completed" iOS app

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On 2021-11-19 17:20, Ralph DiMola via use-livecode wrote:
> I just wanted to thank Jacqueline Landman Gay and Charles Warwick for 
> this
> thread
> I still wonder how more than one synchronous operation can be in play 
> at the
> same as synchronous operations are blocking. Oh well I works now with
> tsNet-Pro. Well worth the price...

So technically 'synchronous' libURL operations are not blocking - they 
use a nested wait. As libURL is a script library, and uses engine 
sockets (and thus messages), they need to get messages and so all 
messages also occur. Indeed, this also means you can handle progress 
notifications, and whatever means you choose to show the UI is currently 
'blocked' because your script is busy.

It does mean you do have to be somewhat careful with `get url` and 
friends - since you can end up in a bit of a recursive mess (i.e. if a 
message fires while a get url is going on, and you do another get url 
etc. etc.).

There is a request in BZ to make tsNet's synchronous calls truly 
blocking - however that would probably need to come with some sort of 
automatic 'busy' indicator over all currently open windows to prevent UI 
events getting queued / lost (and users being confused why things don't 
work at certain points!). The upside of that is that it might prevent 
'mysterious' problems with accidental recursive waits which can happen 
at the moment.

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