The Dreaded tsNet "Error Previous request not completed" iOS app

Ralph DiMola rdimola at
Fri Nov 19 11:05:03 EST 2021

I solved the problem. I was my problem. When I activated LC 9.6.4+ I just
blew past the licensing dialog taking the default as I have always done. In
pre 9.6.4 I only had one licensing option. This was my business license that
included the indy to business upgrade and the pro features upgrade. In
9.6.4+ these upgrade options appear as 3 license choices. The default was
Indy(so to speak) the second was the business(I guess) but the third was
clearly identified as "Pro Features". I used the "Re-license Livecode"
option in the help menu and took the third option and my PDF widget appeared
and my initial testing shows that I am no longer throwing the "Error
Previous request not completed" error. I tested a 9.6.5rc2 build and not yet
seen the error on iOS. I have a tester trying a LC 10dp1 iOS build and he
has not seen the error either.

So... Don't blow past the licensing dialog like I did. Check to see if there
is more than one option, then check them all so get the license level you

Ralph DiMola
IT Director
Evergreen Information Services
rdimola at

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