LC Clipboard Polling Hang: Reported yet?

Curry Kenworthy curry at
Fri Nov 19 09:46:43 EST 2021

List archive up, so following up....


 > are you experiencing this on Windows or macOS?

Intentionally omitted here; if I mention one,
people tend to make assumptions about the other.
(That fuels myths which can persist for years!) :)

I'd rather ask both sets of users: seen this?
At this point, no platform is eliminated yet.


 > Thanks for the heads up about this
 > before I decide to rebuild using LC 9.6.5

No, it existed in 9.6.3 also; a veteran 9.x bug!


 > I'm seeing a hang in LC 9.x when
 > accessing the clipboard repeatedly.

Still no precise recipe yet;
will file a report when I have one.

 > 1. clipboardData["text"] stops
 > reporting the current data.

This is what happens when the bug strikes!

 > 2. Then LC itself hangs up

(Recanting this #2; it may be unrelated.
Probably #1 is the only true bug symptom.)

(OK, here goes, let's see if this email archives.)

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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