Xcode and Catalina **NEW MBP**

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>From 9.6.5 Release notes.

  - macOS 10.15.4: Xcode 12.4.x - LiveCode builds iOS apps using the iOS
14.4 SDK

There is a full list of working LiveCode/macOS/Xcode combinations here:

Important: From the start of April 2021, Apple is only accepting apps built
using iOS14.x SDKs. This means that, if you wish to submit apps to the
AppStore you will have to be running at least macOS 10.15 in order to be
able to install the necessary version of Xcode.

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Has anyone gotten LC/XC to work on a new mac that came with catalina
I'm kind-of in a catch-22 with LC not working with XC 13.1 and XC 12.5.1 and
below not even running in Catalina, so I can't complete the installs.

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