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Curry Kenworthy curry at
Wed Nov 10 09:50:41 EST 2021

Resurrecting this thread from September because ...
now I've had a chance to go through my old bug reports,
and found the one for this Script Editor slowdown!
(It said "Pending Followup" so I just followed up on it.)

For the people here that still see bad IDE/SE performance
(and there were several: Lagi, Bob, Bernard, Andre, etc)
you can benefit from adding your CC to this bug report
and post your symptoms/setup there to help LC fix this.

Plus, I posted 7 steps that worked for myself and others;
many people have resolved this for their own computers!

BTW, I have NOT had this problem myself for 1 or 2 years;
so those steps are tried and true. (They work in MOST cases.)

Here's the bug report:

No slowdowns on my end anymore; Windows "just works." :)
I could have simply closed the bug, but I followed up
and posted those 7 steps to help the rest of you.

Most importantly, it's NOT just a Windows issue.
(We have to avoid myths, or we can't solve problems.)
I've seen it twice on Mac myself, and others have too.
But it is MUCH more common on Windows. Rare on Mac.
Mostly due to antivirus trends, but other factors.

For the LC team, I'm not sure whether they ever
reproduced this bug or not, so I posted some tips
on maxing out disk and memory to help notice problems.

(That doesn't mean people with the IDE problems
are running a bunch of videos and downloads;
just getting closer to real-life use conditions
versus a more pristine test environment.)

Hopefully someone still having the issues
will follow up there to help get it fixed.

I don't anymore, so I'm moving on to other bugs!

One thing I forgot to mention is that LC Setup
is badly behaved on all platforms, and I've seen
literally a dozen copies of it in Task Manager;
that can also bog things down too!

I have a zero-tolerance policy for .Setup;
it is not allowed to run on my computer
except during the initial installation.

And like I say, no IDE slowdowns for 1-2 years.

(Not to be confused with IDE crashes
and bugs that completely "hang" the engine!
I'm still a combatant on those bugs.) :)

Original thread:


Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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