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Alex Tweedly alex at
Mon Nov 8 07:39:01 EST 2021

Hi Richmond,

I of course agree that shouldn't happen - but I've not been able to 
reproduce it.

I tried :

create new stack
create field
put text into it, then position insertion cursor within that text
      (ibeam is flashing)
use Property Inspector to set locktext to true
     (ibeam is no longer visible)

click outside the stack
     (no change - ibeam still invisible)
click back inside stack (but outside field)
     (no change - ibeam still invisible)
click inside field
     (no change - ibeam still invisible)

check in Property Inspector - locktext is still true.

Can you maybe try those steps - or say exactly what steps you did to see 
the problem in the first place.

(btw - MacOs 10.13.6, LC 9.6.4)


On 08/11/2021 11:15, Richmond via use-livecode wrote:
> Well . . . this is a sort of side-effect at my fooling around with 
> calculators:
> If I have a field on a card that has the lockText set to true and
> I click outwith the stack that lockText is set to false . . .
> I feel this should NOT happen:
> Probably because if I click outside a LibreOffice document, a GIMP 
> document or a TextEdit document
> (the 3 apps I use most often apart from LiveCode)
> that click does NOT affect those documents at all.
> Richmond.
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