How to restrain impatient tsNet?

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Sun Nov 7 11:50:26 EST 2021

I'm finally moving an app from LC 6.7 to LC 9.6.5 (huge thanks to Mark W for 
fixing the accumulating/sorting delay loops, which has made this possible).

I've hit what I hope is the last hurdle: at one point in its processing, the 
app has to load a resource over HTTP, which is s.l.o.w. - it typically takes 
around 8 minutes at the moment.

By setting the sockettimeoutinterval to the extreme 1800 (i.e. half an hour) 
this has been fine.

But under 9.6.5, in spite of this setting, it craps out within a minute with 
the message
	tsneterr: (28) Operation too slow. Less than 1000 bytes/sec transferred the 
last 30 seconds

Does tsneterr ignore the sockettimeoutinterval? Is there some other property I 
can set to persuade it to be patient?



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