M1 Mac Windows 10 ARM in Parallels and LC

Sean Cole sean at pidigital.co.uk
Fri Nov 5 12:40:02 EDT 2021

Hi all,

Has anyone yet had experience running LC in a Windows 10 ARM edition within
Parallels Desktop?

This, I feel, would be good knowledge for us all to be aware of.

I'm going through the process of working out my next upgrade to the MacBook
Pro M1Max. But a contributing factor is: wether this would be able to swap
out all of my other systems to just the one (which would be beneficial to
my working environment). If not I would have to keep a separate windows
system I can hook into via VNC (albeit without the useful direct bridging
between the two) or an offsite Windows server (which will be slower but
still usable).

Technically, the Windows ARM is only beta and may even get dropped
potentially. It can run x86 apps (virtualised, I think) but not x64. LC is
still x86 as far as I am aware. But I don't know what other caveats may
become evident once it is up and running. Hence the question.

If no one else has tried this out I may well end up just biting the bullet
and take one for the team to find out. But it would be great to know before
hand what to expect.

Thanks in advance.


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