Script Editor Disassociation Bug - Seen it lately?

Curry Kenworthy curry at
Thu Nov 4 07:18:21 EDT 2021

I'm checking up on the Script Editor Disassociation Bug,
described in this thread:


Paul, Bob, Ben, Mark (and Hermann) commented  at the time,
having experienced the same bug or something very similar.


 > sometimes the Script Editor window seems to disassociate
 > from the object being edited. Thus after this bug is triggered,
 > any typed script changes may not really be applied and saved,
 > although they are shown as applied. Next LC session, those
 > changes are gone; the stack code is still as it was
 > prior to the bug being triggered and prior to editing the script.

Interestingly, the comments involved all IDE platforms!
I couldn't find a bug report on it; likely never had a recipe.
Still interested though! I'd like to recipe or report it.

But first: Has anyone seen this bug lately? (On LC 9.6.3 or later.)
Especially Paul, Bob, Ben, Mark?

My experience:

I saw it several times when screensharing with a client,
so I saw it happen on Mac. It may have happened to me once?
But I think the trigger required certain habits I don't have!
That is the key to a recipe; only those actions cause it.

Probably one's method of applying and saving changes
after editing a script; Apply first, versus just save,
from the SE (in the edited tab) or from the stack, etc.
The little details of how we Apply and Save.

For me the required actions would be like a "mistake"
since my habit and discipline usually avoid them.

So I'm going to keep an eye out for it,
but only if it still exists! (???)

(I can ask the client again too.)

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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