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Wed Nov 3 12:18:17 EDT 2021

Right - it's the deceleration and delay that I'm hoping I can use to
determine that the forklift has stopped moving.
And yes, there are simpler ways to do everything - but if I was going for
simple, I would have stationary, wired workstations running our ERP
software, not a mobile app running on the truck.

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> mike mumbled,
> >
> > is anyone using the mobile accelerometer functionality?
> > i am thinking of adding it to our shop floor app to stop updates while
> > forklifts are moving.
> I used it a few years ago to move something around the screen by tilting.
> It was rather straightforward:  just read the things and use the related
> trigonometry (to figure out the angle it is held at in X & Y).
> However, the accelerometers will *not* tell you whether or not something
> is moving—once speed is reached, the acceleration drops to “zero” (gravity
> will still be detected).
> It could tell you that motion started, though, and you could lockout for
> however many minutes after any acceleration.
> Or, you could numerically integrate to get an estimate of speed, and later
> measure decelerations.
> But wouldn’t it be simpler to just let updates happen off-shift?
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