mobile accelerometer

doc hawk dochawk at
Tue Nov 2 19:07:46 EDT 2021

mike mumbled,
> is anyone using the mobile accelerometer functionality?
> i am thinking of adding it to our shop floor app to stop updates while
> forklifts are moving.

I used it a few years ago to move something around the screen by tilting.  It was rather straightforward:  just read the things and use the related trigonometry (to figure out the angle it is held at in X & Y).

However, the accelerometers will *not* tell you whether or not something is moving—once speed is reached, the acceleration drops to “zero” (gravity will still be detected).

It could tell you that motion started, though, and you could lockout for however many minutes after any acceleration.

Or, you could numerically integrate to get an estimate of speed, and later measure decelerations.

But wouldn’t it be simpler to just let updates happen off-shift?

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