3-way slider control

Paul Dupuis paul at researchware.com
Tue May 25 11:38:24 EDT 2021

Rick and Jacqueline,

Thank you for the horizontal slider suggestions. This could suffice for 
what I need. I was imagining more of the common "circle inside an oval" 
"switch" control you see on the web and in apps these days. However, 
beggars can't always be choosers and I the slider works well for what I 


Thank you. ScrollbarOmatic looks like I could adjust setting to get 
something closer to a "circle inside an oval" 3-position switch. FYI as 
I was adjusting the controls to get the style I am seeking the following 
error popped up:

*compiling at 11:34:54 AM*

Type Expression: bad factor

Object backBar

Line if tx ≥ tIndEndPos then

Hint ≥

I did not seem to actually impact continue to refine the appearance.

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