Speech Library: Where is the "Utterance" - Off

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Sun May 23 18:43:21 EDT 2021

If I am a user, and I get phone call, we just want “speech” is “off”

Where is the “mouseup”?

I can’t find any “off” switch

    ▸ speechInitializeLibrary

    ▸ speechLibraryInitialized pSuccessLink<http://example.com>

    ▸ speechGetVoices

    ▸ speechSetVoice(pVoiceIdentifier)

    ▸ speechSpeakUtterance(pString)

    ▸ speechUtteranceDidFinish pCompleted

    ▸ speechSetPitch 1.5

    ▸ speechSetRate(pRate)

    ▾ speechFinalizeLibrary


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