Bug, feature, or just something I need to program around?

Alex Tweedly alex at tweedly.net
Thu May 13 18:23:56 EDT 2021

On 13/05/2021 20:25, Jim Lambert via use-livecode wrote:

> In Notes if you are in one note then select a different note and execute Shift-Command-Right Arrow, you will see the same behavior. The insertion point moves to the end of the note without selecting any text.

I don't see that. If I move from one note to another by clicking on the 
'summary' for it, I then need to either click into the Note itself, or 
use the right-arrow to get into it. In either case, cmd-shift-arrow 
immediately does select the text.  (Notes version 4.5, 876.1, on MacOS 

Is there maybe another way to move from Note to Note that I haven't found ?

Could you say *exactly* what you mean when you say "in one note then 
select a different note"?

In any case, Apple's HIG doesn't (AFAICS) specify anything, and autotab 
set to true gives me the behaviour I expect/like (for single-line 
fields, I will leave it false for multi-line fields).

It's mildly irritating that the selection anomaly exists, and also 
irritating that two behaviour changes are bundled into a single setting 
(autotab true = text pre-selection AND changes how "return"/"enter" are 

When I'm convinced I've got all the cases covered, I'll create a bug 
report for the former, and an enhancement request (for openfield to 
provide more info) to allow us to program around the latter.



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