Bug, feature, or just something I need to program around?

Alex Tweedly alex at tweedly.net
Wed May 12 16:02:16 EDT 2021

I don't follow you Jim.

Each Note in the Notes app is a multi-line field, and they all behave 
just the same as multi-line fields in LC (i.e what I think of as 
"properly" - TABbing into the field positions the cursor with nothing 
selected, and an immediate cmd-shift-arrow will select all characters 
after/before the cursor). (Though I couldn't find a way to TAB between 
Notes ??)

The only single line field I can see in the Notes app is the search box 
- and it has the same behaviour as single-line fields in Calendar, 
Contacts, etc. - i.e. TABbing into the single line field pre-selects the 
whole field, while clicking into it doesn't select anything. That seems 
consistent between Apple's apps that I can find, and both Safari and Chrome.


On 12/05/2021 18:50, Jim Lambert via use-livecode wrote:
>> In a LC single line field (MacOS), the keys shift-cmd-rightarrow will
>> select from the current position to the end of the line, and add that to
>> the selection.
>> BUT if I TAB into the field the cursor is initially at the start of the
>> field and the key sequence above will move the cursor to the end
>> *without* selecting the characters.
>> At that point, shift-cmd-leftarrow will move it back to the start, still
>> without selecting any characters. But if you do "something else" (e.g.
>> left arrow, insert a char, delete a char, ...) then normal behaviour
>> resumes. If you click into the field, everything behaves itself.
> Alex,
> If you go to Apple's Notes and move from note to note, you'll see somewhat similar behaviors.
> So perhaps it's expected.
> Jim Lambert
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