Bug, feature, or just something I need to program around?

Jim Lambert jiml at netrin.com
Wed May 12 13:50:04 EDT 2021

> In a LC single line field (MacOS), the keys shift-cmd-rightarrow will 
> select from the current position to the end of the line, and add that to 
> the selection.
> BUT if I TAB into the field the cursor is initially at the start of the 
> field and the key sequence above will move the cursor to the end 
> *without* selecting the characters.
> At that point, shift-cmd-leftarrow will move it back to the start, still 
> without selecting any characters. But if you do "something else" (e.g. 
> left arrow, insert a char, delete a char, ...) then normal behaviour 
> resumes. If you click into the field, everything behaves itself.


If you go to Apple's Notes and move from note to note, you'll see somewhat similar behaviors.
So perhaps it's expected.

Jim Lambert

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