Close & remove from memory - Engine hang

matthias_livecode_150811 at matthias_livecode_150811 at
Fri May 7 19:20:59 EDT 2021

Dear Curry,

just to make clear, i've never wrote that i doubted your observations. 
I just wrote about my observations and asked for a recipe. Not to proof you wrong, but to see if i could replicate and to see if there is something in common, because that maybe would help the Livecode team to fix those hangs sooner.

If you felt that as "doubt" then i am really sorry. 
But keep in mind i am not native English, therefore my texts could sometimes have a different effect on the reader than I had planned. ;) 

Matthias Rebbe
Life Is Too Short For Boring Code

> (Again, for any who did not understand the exchange between myself and Matthias, I "doubted" his existence to call out his casting blind doubt on my accurate observations of the very real, and several, LC Hangs.)

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