Close & remove from memory - Engine hang

Curry Kenworthy curry at
Fri May 7 15:18:49 EDT 2021


 > I did not had any hang/freeze.

Hi Matthias,

Good for you! Perhaps you work with fewer projects, or fewer LC areas.
Anyway, you and I are obviously not doing the exact same work, right?

So count your blessings. Every hang does have a trigger and a cause.
No trigger = no hang. That's something to keep in mind.

 > On what OS are you and did you do anything special
 > in LC when the hangs appeared?

Hmm, I think I already stated: "both Mac and PC in various situations."
(Funny how it takes several repetitions to convey a non-clique message.)

Nor do I want to claim all the credit. I've had plenty of hangs myself.
But I've seen others when screen-sharing with other people.

Thus: "it's not merely the couple of Hangs that I can report myself!"
I believe I can recipe two of the hangs, but there are others.

 > So if you have a recipe i would be really happy to test here.

Funny, I thought I already said that too:

"Other bug reports I will file AFTER I finish deadlines.
(If you can wave a wand to extend my deadlines, I'll do reports first!)"

And yet again, answered before it was asked:

"I need to file a couple of bug reports after I finish my deadlines.
Still need to create reliable recipes; had to create workarounds first."

So when I do file a report, please do test the recipe as you've offered.
I would appreciate that! And thank you for your response here.

 > of course I don't want to rule out the possibility that they exist.

That's good to hear! I have a similar approach to unconfirmed data:
I've never seen Matthias, but I don't rule out his existence either. :)

I am skeptical, but I admit there's a chance of you being real.
On the other hand, no such doubts about the LC Hangs; I've seen many.

(BTW thanks for your offlist inquiry recently on one of the addons.
And thanks for writing again to let me know you had a workaround.
I will get back to you on that, also, after these deadlines.)

Back to work! Take care....

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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