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i am working on macOS 10.14.6 and i cannot remember that i had any "unspecified" hangs/freezes in LC the last weeks or months.
I had 2 or 3 hangs when i tested some code that used tsNET, but those hangs were caused more by my code and not by LC. ;)

But no hangs when i was just coding or creating/building stacks.

The last 2 days i've worked with LC 9.6.2 rc5.
Each day i had LC running/opened for about 12 hours, although i was working in total about 8 hours each day with LC.
Most of the time i was in the editor. But I ran a ton of shell commands using shell() function while testing my stack.
I did not had any hang/freeze. 

On what OS are you and did you do anything special in LC when the hangs appeared?

Currently i really cannot confirm such hangs,  but of course I don't want to rule out the possibility that they exist.

So if you have a recipe i would be really happy to test here.

Btw: The only thing i experienced 3 times with RC5 yesterday was, that for whatever reason all objects, which i had setup in geometry manager to scale or move when the stack is resized, were automatically resized to very large value (width and height) without resizing the stack.
Suddenly they were resized. Even resizing them manuall, did not get geometry manager scaling/moving the obejcts again. I had to restart the LC, reload the stack and de- and reactivate the geometry manager settings for each object. After that it worked until the next "resize".
I really have no clue what was causing this. Today i did not have this problem.

All the best.

Matthias Rebbe
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> Am 07.05.2021 um 19:40 schrieb Curry Kenworthy via use-livecode <use-livecode at>:
> Panos:
> > What Tiemo described sounded like this issue
> >
> > - so if this is the
> > case, this bug is very specific to Big Sur,
> > and it is fixed in LC 9.6.2 RC-1+.
> Hi Panos,
> I'm not disputing that you recently addressed a specific Hang.
> But you are staring at a tiny sapling, and not seeing the mighty forest:
> Hangs have become a defining feature of the LC experience.
> They are quite common on both Mac and PC in various situations.
> Not limited to Big Sur.
> Not limited to Mac.
> Not limited to Windows.
> Not limited to sheets.
> Not limited to dialogs.
> See where I'm going with this?
> LC Experience = Hangs.
> Using LC = Risking a Hang.
> Launching LC = Starting countdown to a Hang.
> I've seen similar hangs when closing stacks.
> And it sure as heck wasn't Big Sur or even Mac.
> It was on Windows.
> And it ain't fixed as of LC 9.6.2 RC-1+.
> Completely different bug? Maybe.
> Same LC Experience? Yes!
> LC has a "Hang Problem."
> If you don't realize that, you're part of the problem.
> Likewise I've seen many hangs for other reasons:
> Other triggers. Other recipes to write.
> Other bug reports I will file AFTER I finish deadlines.
> (If you can wave a wand to extend my deadlines, I'll do reports first!)
> So the problem is not one small specific Big Sur sheet dialog bug.
> That's the tiny sapling. It's cute, but there's a big forest behind it.
> And that forest is: LC frequently hangs. It's Hang-prone. "Hang-ey."
> If LC IDE had a mascot character right now, he'd be frozen in a pose.
> Maybe the Ice Man - Frozen Stiff, but still Warming Up your Laptop. :)
> That's not a great image for the LC Experience. Please improve it.
> I need to file a couple of bug reports after I finish my deadlines.
> Still need to create reliable recipes; had to create workarounds first.
> But you need to make LC less buggy (especially, fewer Hangs) in general.
> Because it's not merely the couple of Hangs that I can report myself!
> You have many Hangs in LC. Why?
> They are quite common on both Mac and PC in various situations.
> Hangs have become a defining feature of the "LC experience."
> Let's change that. Thanks!
> Best wishes,
> Curry Kenworthy
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