Close & remove from memory - Engine hang

Curry Kenworthy curry at
Fri May 7 11:54:12 EDT 2021


 > Only a hard close via task manager
 > is the only option to quit the engine

That has become a defining feature of the LC experience.
Hangs are quite common on both Mac and PC in various situations.

 > Is it something about my stack what makes
 > the engine hang, or do you also
 > experience this behaviour?

Something you do might "trigger" the Hang, but not cause it.
Because by definition, a Crash or Hang is LC's fault.
(If our own code were at fault, we could interrupt the loop.)


 > I have also seen this weirdness,
 > I don’t think it’s just your computer.

Correct. Using LC = Risking a Hang.
Launching LC = Starting countdown to a Hang.


 > The text really says "stack file stack"
 > and not "stack <myStackName> file"

That could be important - be sure to mention it.*

BTW, could you go ahead and report this bug?
I'll definitely sign on as CC to support it.
But I don't have time to file it myself right now.

*Clarification: that's an important detail for triggering it.
Yet I suspect that the ultimate trouble could be deeper in LC.

So the LC Team needs to avoid assuming this is one small affected area.
There seem to be lots of Hangs - or perhaps one Hang with many triggers.
LC has some kind of defect that makes it very Hang-prone these days.

So it would really help to bug report this.

BTW, which is better, Hang or Crash? In the end I prefer Crash. :)
(Which is to say: LC should be stable, and Crash/Hang should be rare.)

Thanks for noting this particular Hang trigger.

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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