notarizing DMG fails

toolbook at toolbook at
Tue May 4 03:47:29 EDT 2021



I have signed and notarized several apps with Matthias tool - successful

Then I packaged theses apps with Packages and signed the package via
terminal - successful

Then I  put the pkg into a dmg via DMG canvas and signed the dmg via
terminal - successful

Then I uploaded the dmg for notarization via terminal. The upload was
successful, but the email from apple told me, that the upload was not
notarized and the logfile tells me:


Severity: Error

Path: "DGSlern_Update_1.0.0.4.dmg/DGS Lernprogramm Update .pkg"

Message: The binary is not signed


This is a bit irritating. Has anybody anytime encountered such conflicting

Any idea, where to look for?








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