where do I find the notarization log?

toolbook at kestner.de toolbook at kestner.de
Mon May 3 06:00:58 EDT 2021



I successfully signed a dmg and wanted to notarize it via terminal with
Matthias  codesigning guidelines:

xcrun altool -type osx --notarize-app --primary-bundle-id
"de.kestner.dgslernupdate.dmg" --username "<myAppleID>" --password
"<myNotarizingPW>" --file

The file was accepted and uploaded, but I got an email from Apple, that the
file was not notarized and I should review the notarization log with xCode
or altool.


I can't find these logs. Mac search doesn't find anything with "altool"

Can anybody point me to the location, where I find this notarizing log?

Thank you





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