mouseenter/mouseleave and pointer tool

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Mar 29 22:38:46 EDT 2021

Jim Lambert wrote:

 > Every time I click on a button in the IDE with the pointer tool
 > in order to select and, say, move it, I'd prefer if the mousedown/up
 > scripts didn't fire off because I'm editing the UI not running it.
 > If I recall correctly this was not how LC/Revolution originally
 > behaved.

It still does. I don't believed anything with mouse message handling has 
changed in many years, if at all.

I haven't seen how Klaus came across the mouseEnter message, so I can't 
begin to guess how this is only coming to his attention now.

Either way, with the engine having worked as it does with tool messages 
since 1992 I'm not expecting change.

 > Richard, remember SuperEdit? Very much about authoring.

I remember it well, as does John Balgenorth and perhaps some others here.

It was surprisingly polarizing: some loved it, some hated, but I never 
met anyone who'd used it who was indifferent about it.

I loved it. But I loved everything about the package at that time. 
Maybe I mostly loved the time. :)

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