Problem with Script Editor in LC 9.6.2 (rc3)

HENRY LOWE hlowe at
Wed Mar 24 17:05:32 EDT 2021

Since updating to LC 9.6.2 (rc3) on a 2019 iMac running Mac OS Big Sur 11.2.3 I have been experiencing the following intermittent issue:

If I select text in the LC Script Editor and then drag down to select additional text (e.g. I want to select an entire handler), the editor starts to autoscroll and does not stop until it reaches the end of the script text. Nothing I do stops the scrolling and text selection. I am locked out of LC, which is unresponsive. Activity Monitor shows that LC is using 100% of the CPU while in this ‘autoscrolling’ state. Once the scroll reaches the end of the text in the editor pane, I get control of LC again. 

This is only happening with a very large script 5900 lines of text (238K). I am in the progress of breaking this script up into a series of smaller scripts.

I suspect that this issue is related to the large amount of text in the script but have not seen this before with this script until I updated to LC 9.6.2 (rc3).

Can anyone confirm this issue?

Also, is there an upper limit to the size of a LC script?



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