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LC syntax is NOT English, and understanding the difference helps.
That is really true and with LCB you are free to write any functionality.

Not one programming language/development environment is perfect and to be
clear: I like LiveCode very much too!

Nice weekend,

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 > if u dont want headaches.

Thanks for the tip - looks pretty neat. I like the website.
Before going all-in with LiveCode, I did a lot with VB-style code.

HOWEVER, I don't have any big headaches, thank God!
Nor do I feel any need to try another IDE.
On the contrary: I'm enjoying LiveCode more than ever.

I'm fluent in LC syntax, so it comes as naturally as writing an email.
Fluency is underappreciated. Copy-paste coding is an alluring trap.
(LC syntax is NOT English, and understanding the difference helps.)

Being specialized, I have solid dev tactics and stick with what works.
If I take a new path, I run some tests BEFORE going too far.

So things are going well, and will only get better!
I'm also gradually creating next-gen code for my addons and general dev.
And more. Good things are on the way....

That said, if I ever decide to have a headache :) it'd probably be:

- Code quality and bug density of LC Engine and Components
- Inconsistency between some LC features versus the overall paradigm

Those have obvious deficiencies, but I've noted them & adjusted tactics.
And I'll be taking action in both areas, so not too worried.

Good luck and good coding!

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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