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Bob Sneidar bobsneidar at
Wed Feb 17 11:29:02 EST 2021

I found your approach to publish and subscribe incredibly useful. I have an app that has data grids in multiple sub stacks that each can be open or no. Many of these data grids display data from the same database table but in different sub stacks.

For example, I have a devices and an accessories table. One sub stack is for maintaining the devices at a particular site, another is for maintaining the accessories attached to a given device. There is a devices data grid on both of these.

The quandary is how to reliably tell all open sub stacks with data grids containing identical table data to update when any of the others are updated. Your Publish and Subscribe method is tailor made for such a scenario. I am in the process of converting all my data grid code over to using that.

Bob S

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A sample 'skeleton' app - i.e. complete but not fleshed-out. Initially it would be for a desktop app (the first sequel will cover mobile). It would implement "good practices" for many of the common features, with enough code being there to do something - but the focus should be on the architecture rather than on doing anything useful.

I released:<>

To cover as much of this topic as I felt comfortable doing. The main issue is that different experienced developers have different opinions about what is the best way to organise an app. LiveCode is very versatile and you can do a really great app organisation that is completely different than another great app. We don’t have a mothership preferred way of doing that, and I didn’t want to force my own bias into people.


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