Another question about multiple stack projects

William Prothero waprothero at
Tue Feb 16 00:40:28 EST 2021

I have a question about multiple stack projects. My project starts with a splash stack. In the standalone preferences of this stack, I list all stacks the project uses, including script only stacks I use as libraries. Should I do a “Start using” on all of these stacks at this point? But I could have just done a “start using” for the required stacks for each of the other component stacks when they were first accessed, and got the same result?

I guess my question is: how does the build process make use of the list of stacks in the splash stack? Are they all built into the project in some way that doesn’t happen otherwise? I still seem to be required to “Start using” each of the library stacks anyway.


William Prothero
waprothero at

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