How do I interpret this Build Error dialog?

Sean Cole (Pi) sean at
Mon Feb 15 19:14:53 EST 2021

The error panels show the events in reverse order, so last occurrence first.

The first number in each line is the error code and the second is the line
number in the script that failed.
Here's a list of the error codes:

Going back from line 5 of your error:
353 - THe name of the object it enters (stack "loginLib")
241 - Handler: error in statement , line 236 of stack "LoginLib"
465 - put: error in expression , line 236
118 - Operators &: &: error in left operand , line 236
219 - Function: error in function handler , line 236 (function

So, it's likely a compound problem with lots of things that likely led up
to the fault. There are more 219 and 241 errors and it starts with a 490
(repeat: error in statement). Work your way through the error codes and see
what you find.

All the best

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> Folks:
> I have a pretty complex app that I’ve been adding onto for awhile and now
> I’m getting a seemingly informative error dialog when I try to build it. It
> works fine in the IDE. The app consists of numerous stacks and libraries
> launched with a splash stack. I get an error dialog but have no idea how to
> interpret its info. It’s not clear to me how to interpret the error dialog
> and what made it fail. It seems to fail at the login stack, which is called
> when the user clicks the Start button.
> Was the failure point at the end of the error message? I haven’t actually
> tried to build this app for a couple of years and its complexity has grown.
> All of the stacks in the project have been entered into the “Stacks”
> section of the standalone properties dialog. I’ve obviously done something
> wrong and it would help a lot if I could interpret the error message (I
> hope).
> The following two links will display the first part of the error message
> and the second (scrolled) part.
> <
> <
> Any wisdom on how to proceed would be much appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Bill
> William Prothero
> waprothero at
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