LC Roadmap

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Feb 14 16:52:39 EST 2021

Bill Prothero wrote:

 > I would like to see:
 > Better help files that go deeper.

If I gave you a thousand pages of deep material but they were unrelated 
to your work, would you read them?

If I gave you ten pages that completely nailed the subject you've been 
grappling with, would you kick in a couple bucks to have them written?

Andre has been writing books on LC, and I talked with him a couple weeks 
ago about possible collaborative efforts, and there are other content 
options beyond LC's Lessons and eBooks...

But the most important question is:

What do you want to learn?

Let's identify topic areas, and then it will become much simpler to sort 
out how they get addressed.

Richard Gaskin
Fourth World Systems

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