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Sat Feb 13 16:54:03 EST 2021

That's why I quit after one year subscription.

I like Livecode a lot, but it has it's limitations, lot of bugs are not 

Feature requests not implemented although asked by many.

Livecode is great! Don't misunderstand and it learns a lot of people to 
program. But it runs behind future facts.

While other platforms implement dozens of easy things which you can easy 
access, you'll have to hope it will be implemented.

And the same is offered for free. Maybe takes some more effort to learn.

HTML5 is a drag in LC, unusable, to play ok, to really use no way.. 
Better learn html yourself and use PHP or LC-server if you like, and it 
will take about the same amount of time to create it. And have real fast 
loading of your webpage. Visitors are not going to wait so long until 
it's loaded. Maybe ok for internal use on Intranet, but as user then i 
would be even frustrated of the loading times.

So i now made a webpage in PHP/HTML, a bit javascript and Mysql, it's 
for internal use at a company. All info I need I can find online.

And next to it I'm learning Flutter platform with Dart as main language, 
it's free, it's the future, many devs are going that way.

It supports Android, iOs, web and even building an executable for 
Windows is on it's way.

Costs: time.


Next to this, I also do not understand those dozens of emails I get 
begging for money to buy them tickets to New York.

What would that help the language forward except some awareness of that 
it exists?

Thousands of people loose their jobs these days with this Corona shit, 
many companies (read at least 50%) in Netherlands get support money from 
the government to stay alive and else they are broke. Due to all the 

And here LC is begging for ticket money, I don't see the logic.


Op 13-2-2021 om 13:37 schreef Sean Cole (Pi) via use-livecode:
> I was told last year that HTML5 deployment would see upgrades maybe by
> Jan2021 LC 9.7. However LC9.6.2 is still awaiting an RC3. So it’s just not
> going to happen. My client and I are severely disappointed to see that the
> conference set up for 2022 may be the FIRST LOOK we might see for the HTML5
> upgrade. Actually, disappointed doesn’t even close to cut it. I am
> seriously LIVID! Absolute proof that subscription model for this is
> pointless. It pisses me right off that promise after promise I keep falling
> for this crap. I’m paying something like $400 on top of the original $400
> per year for this kind of service. I CANNOT afford to keep doing this with
> vague empty unfulfilled promises (lies). I KEEP falling for it because the
> likes of others on this forum keep trying to convince me that they have our
> best interests at heart. But keep forgetting that this is BS too.
> Roadmap = careering off a cliff top.  Clean up projected for New York 2022.
> On Fri, 12 Feb 2021 at 12:16, Richmond via use-livecode <
> use-livecode at> wrote:
>> I've said something to that effect earlier, at which point I was jumped
>> all over.
>> So, because I don't want to be jumped all over again, and because
>> saying the 'roadmap' needs to be updated will have no effect (didn't the
>> last 3 times),
>> I'm NOT stating what I think.
>> Love. kisses, and other things,
>> Richmond.
>> On 12.02.21 14:12, Klaus major-k via use-livecode wrote:
>>> Hi folks,
>>> see subject -> Last Updated on July 14, 2020
>>> I think it is time to update the roadmap, what do you think?
>>> Best
>>> Klaus
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