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Sat Feb 13 13:19:13 EST 2021

I’m looking to understand, find references, and hopefully *examples* of a stack with html, css, JavaScript, JSON and JavaScript libraries that are stored internal to the stack.  
Some files must be modified by the user, others are untouched by user data, but included via <script> tags in the html.

The stack will need to allow access, via LC fields, to variables in the JS libraries to define the server and authentication data specific to the user.

The user will be filling in a form in the html, so that should be stored and modifiable by the user.

The immediate need is to keep the code internal to the stack, to provide a single file solution.

Questions for the list:
1) How is storing HTML in a text field or variable different from setting a property?

2) Do I need to assemble the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript into a single object then set the HTMLtext of the browser widget?

3) what examples or references are relevant for LC 9.6? I can go quite far back in the list, on the discussion boards or in the learning materials; but I don’t see good guidance for new features that have replaced old techniques.

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> Erik,
> The YouTube url has been validated and is included because the direct link to our GitHub team link requires:
> 1) a logged in user
> 2) the user must be a member of the ‘xAPI Cohort Spring 2021’ group
> GitHub gives a 404 error if either of these conditions are not met, there is no feedback provided other than this error number.
> Anyone wishing to see the code is welcome to join the xAPI Learning Cohort and request access to the Cohort GitHub area.
> The YouTube url does not have this limitation.
> As I am cross posting to: use-LiveCode, gutHub discussions, slack channels, and direct email to our team; I’m working to keep the urls posted valid, but I am learning as I go.
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>> The URL is not correct.
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