Double sided PDF Problem

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Feb 3 00:33:29 EST 2021

Paul McClernan wrote:

 > I'm sure this could all be worked out as far as how to do the
 > layout and printing directly from LiveCode... but why?

Why? On a LiveCode list you have to ask why? :)

Two reasons come to mind, but doubtless there are many more:

1. Because we can.  It's fun to figure stuff out.

2. Print-and-Play tabletop games. It's quite a burgeoning folk art to 
design and print your own game.  Doesn't have to be fancy, but sometimes 
it helps to print double-sided.

And I'm finding it's not that hard.  The hardest part is making a few 
test runs to work out the metrics between logical pixels and printer 
metrics.  But once you get that worked out the world is your oyster. You 
can make a game design tool that lets you lay out cards while also 
keeping an inventory of parts, and later toss in some probability 
modeling to balance the game play, and then add PDF generation for 
sharing with others, and then go back and make a copy of the last stack 
file to take it further with the next one, adding image handling at 
double-size to reduce down for a crisp print, and then of course you 
need a notebook to keep the scraps of your ideas in, and then you need a 
contact manager to keep track of which play testers you sent it to and 
what they're feedback was, and then you need to put that feedback into 
an issue tracker, and then....

In short, because we can. :)

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