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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Feb 2 17:24:05 EST 2021

JeeJeeStudio wrote:

 > Panos wrote:
 >> This bug report contains a workaround for smooth scrolling - hope it
 >> helps.
 > Maybe it's me but i don't see any difference in scrolling between the
 > left and right on win10

The original description of the problem here lacks specificity. It's not 
just any scrolling that is affected, but scrolling that happens in 
response to a scroll wheel or trackpad gestures.

The script Panos posted in the bug report has two gradations of scroll 
increment, based on the interval between keydown messages corresponding 
to the scroll wheel/trackpad gesture.

It's good.  Very good. I see the difference here on Ubuntu.

It's so good it should be added to the engine, so we don't merely rely 
solely on the odd chance that someone wanting to make attractive 
software with LC happens to stumble across this thread.

If there's a concern about backward compatibility (understandable given 
the many ways scrollbarDrag messages are used) perhaps fields could have 
a smoothScrolling property added to govern this. And since this behavior 
reflects modern scrolling standards, it should be on by default (yet can 
be turned off for the edge cases where people need the older linear 
scroll for specialized use cases).

That said, with the team's current priorities I don't see this happening 
for quite some time.  That's too bad, because it means every new user 
will get a poorer impression of the LiveCode experience than they could 
be having.

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