Sorting cards

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Fri Dec 31 01:05:40 EST 2021

Thanks for all the ideas, guys. I seem to get the most consistent results if I sort by the 
short ID of each card and then follow that with the sort for category or title. Because the 
data was imported from a text file, the original order is the order of the card IDs.

What threw me originally is that some cards don't sort in the order I expect. A category that 
starts with B is sorted before a category that starts with A. I assume the categories retain 
their original order when they collect matching cards. A few cards with blank categories sort 
to the front (good) but when sorted by title they remain at the front even though the titles 
all start with "The". That's okay because they are summary cards that should be at the front, 
but I'm not sure why they stay there during an alphabetical title sort instead of moving to the 
Ts. I didn't find any leading spaces or invisible characters.

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