chartsEngine bug with version 10 of LC

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Tue Dec 28 05:27:45 EST 2021

I’ve encountered a problem with the third-party LiveCode product chartsEngine now reporting that LiveCode < version 10.0.0 (dp 1) >  is not a high enough version number. (AnimationEngine was reporting a similar error which I was able to fix since the scripts are open.)  ChartsEngine is, however,  locked. Originally written by Malte Brill, the current owner is, I believe, Björnke von GierkeI. I’ve tried contacting him but haven’t heard anything. Anyone else pondering this issue? I use chartsEngine in two commercial mobile apps so I’m hoping to work out a solution rather than rebuild the charting layout portion of these apps once building with 10.x versions of LC is required. 

And just for my own curiosity, (this is what I encountered in animationEngine so I’m assuming something similar in chartsEngine) I’m interested in an explanation (rather than my own guess) for why   "9.6.6-rc-1” evaluates as not less than 5  but "10.0.0-dp-1” evaluates to less than 5 .

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