Keyboard in iOS 15.x

Mark Smith marksmithhfx at
Thu Dec 23 10:07:14 EST 2021

It seems the keyboard in iOS 15 has gained some height and that is causing a problem.

Scenario. My UI is primarily a datagrid. Fill it with 8 items and the next one added will cause the keyboard to cover the row. The previous solution has been to redraw the datagid so it occupies the space above the keyboard (and then scroll the new line into view). This worked fine as long as the KB always occupied a fixed amount of space (height). The new one in iOS 15 appears to be approximately 1 row of keys taller, this row being filled with blank slots for word guesses while you type (an option I would not even know how to make use of). 

Solutions: one option is to simply redraw the datagrid to be above the new keyboard height. Problem is I have been hard coding this (ie. changing the bottom of the keyboard from 452 (activated) to 613 (deactivated) as required). This is less than ideal because as I have now witnessed in iOS 15.x the keyboard can expand to have 1 or 2 extra rows above the keys. ie. the size/height of the keyboard is now dynamic. Ideally I would be able to query the height of the keyboard, or the amount of available screen space, so that I could adjust the bottom of my datagrid appropriately.

Has anyone else been looking into this issue and how have you resolved it?


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