WordLib Update and Christmas 30% Coupon Code

Curry Kenworthy curry at pair.com
Thu Dec 23 06:38:19 EST 2021

I'm happy to announce: WordLib

Get it here:


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What is WordLib?

Import Microsoft Word and OpenOffice documents
right into your own LiveCode fields
with the amazing and popular WordLib addon!

(Images, tabs, hilites, tables, Unicode, the works.)

Changes in this version:

WordLib 2.3 fixes text after ordered lists,
font/style formatting is more accurate,
and you get much cleaner htmlText markup.

The User Guide text is freshly-updated
with modernized LC scripting samples.
Plus, the Media Folder location
keeps recent Mac OS versions happy.

Most important of all are the backend changes:
not only for WordLib but all Curry K. addons.
That paves the way for faster updates* (!)
and for greater things still to come.

WordLib Revised Pricing:

Kill inflation while you conquer documents!
I've lowered the addon full price. Ho ho ho....

- Major versions (2.3, 2.4, 3.0) cost $49 USD.
(Same price for everyone; new and upgrades.)

- Any minor updates to a version are free.
(2.3 License key works for all 2.3.x.x versions.)

*New goal is 1 major update per year; we'll see.

Christmas Coupon Code:

Coupon: NOEL-2021
Discount: Extra 30% Off

(Christmas Coupon active now through New Year.
Be sure to enter the Coupon during checkout!)

WordLib is tested primarily with LiveCode 9.6
on Windows 10 i5 and Mac Big Sur M1.
(Still works on LC 6.7 too.)

I'll post more info and plans tonight.
This is the first step in a bigger effort....

Happy coding!

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Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

WordLib: Import MS Word and OpenOffice documents in LiveCode!

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