How to detect when the user moves a stack

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Wed Dec 15 05:28:46 EST 2021

Hi Klaus,

Yes it works, thank you for the tip.
Oddly I forgot about the "movestack" message, probably because it 
doesn't appear in the list of available messages when I open the stack 
script in LC 8...


Le 2021-12-15 05:17, Klaus major-k via use-livecode a écrit :
> Hi jbv,
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>> Hi list,
>> How can I detect when the user moves a stack around the screen by 
>> clicking on the top bar while leaving the mouse down ?
>> Here's my problem : I have a main stack calling a modal stack that 
>> displays information in real time while some client / server dialog is 
>> running. When the modal stack opens, it is located at the loc of the 
>> main stack. But if the user moves the main stack, the modal stack 
>> stays at the same place, and I would like it to move accordingly and 
>> remain at the loc of the main stack, no matter where the user moves 
>> the main stack.
>> At least this is happening in the IDE, I haven't built a standalone 
>> yet.
> usually you could check the "movestack" message, but I'm not sure if
> the MODAL stack
> will not block any actions? Can't you use a "system window" instaed if
> that is the problem?
>> Thanks in advance.
>> jbv
> Best
> Klaus
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