How to extract whole text from a PDF file with the PDF

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Dec 13 12:46:08 EST 2021

Richmond wrote:

 > On 12.12.21 21:33, Richard Gaskin wrote:
 >> Stam Kapetanakis wrote:
 >> > i presume the pdf widget in pro is the opensource xpdfReader but
 >> > don’t know for sure.
 >> If it is that would be problematic, as the open source edition of
 >> xpdfReader is licensed under GPL, and LC no longer has an edition
 >> compatible with GPL.
 > The consequences are endless.

Note my "if".

In the next message in this thread Paul clarified that the component is 
not derived from a GPL-governed work, so the rights and responsibilities 
of the GPL do not apply here:

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