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I think the piece of info we are all missing (or guessing wrongly about) is:

the existing club membership system - is it a web-based system, or an app that runs on your desktop.

We're all kind of assuming it's a web page, but I now suspect maybe it isn't.

If it is a web page - then the answers so far are all relevant, and should be straightforward to try out.

[My suggestion re. the browser widget still feels like the "right official" way to do it - but personally I'd look at the html and see if I could POST the correct info - i.e. what Richard said :-)  ]

If it's a custom app, then it's a very different question - and I currently have no idea. If so, please say a little bit more about the custom app, or put up a screenshot / video somewhere.


On 12/12/2021 18:29, Peter Reid via use-livecode wrote:
> Thanks Alex, Dan & Tom for responding to this, but I suspect that I didn't explain things well enough, let me elaborate…
> 1. Periodically we have small batches of new members joining a club. We have their details in a CSV file which we'd normally think of doing some kind of batch upload.
> 2. However, the existing club membership system doesn't have a batch load facility only an on-screen form (such as the following) to be typed in:
> +---------------------------------------------------------------------------------+
> |  Surname:[.............]   Firstname(s):[...........]   Initials:[......]       |
> |									          |	
> |	Address:[.............]   Town:[.............]   Phone: [.............]   |
> |	        [.............]   Postcode:[.........]   Mobile:[.............]   |
> |										  |
> |	Email:[....................]   GiftAid:[x]   Payment:(o)Bank  ( )Chq	  |
> +---------------------------------------------------------------------------------+
> 3. We want a way to upload a group of new members by 'driving' the input fields, i.e. our app would click into each field, checkbox, radiobox and 'type' in the details.
> 4. We don't have access to the membership system's coding, it's one off the shelf. We just want do what we might have attempted some years ago, during the terminal/command line days! In those old days, we'd redirect the stdin, stdout, stderror.
> So my query is really as follows:
> a) is this kind of 'channel' redirection possible, can we send mouse clicks, type keys to enter text into fields etc?
> b) has anyone done something like this?
> c) does anyone have any methods and/or code they can let me have for this?
> My overview of what's required is as follows (assuming no show-stoppers):
> - I make an overlay map, transparent everywhere except where there are input fields – this could be an actual map with "X"s over entry fields, spaces elsewhere, but might simply be a list of objects expressed as coordinate rectangles
> - we take the name of a field, 'Surname' say, and lookup its location on the screen
> - we position our virtual mouse to click into the location where the equivalent field can be found
> - we enter its value as virtual keystrokes and click the 'tab' key to move to the next input object
> Any idea whether this is possible and any code examples?!
> Thanks.
> Peter
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