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Wed Dec 8 16:26:17 EST 2021 I can't build a standalone again. No changes to the SDK config, just a warning that 
the SDK isn't valid. It hasn't been 20 minutes since I built the first one.

On 12/8/21 3:06 PM, J. Landman Gay via use-livecode wrote:
> Now I'm confused. LC Prefs still says the SDK is invalid but I can build okay directly to my 
> phone, which also worked yesterday. So I tried again to build an apk and that now works too, 
> though the prefs still show red and report the SDK is invalid (LC 9.6.5.)
> There is something weird going on though. I can only build directly to my phone if I choose 
> Test from the Development menu. If I just click the Test button in the toolbar I get a dialog 
> that says "Android <long number>" which is the ID of my phone. Occasionally the menu item does 
> the same, but usually it works.
> I wish I hadn't deleted my copy of 9.6.5 rc 2 because there was no problem there. Team: could 
> you leave the RC versions up for a few weeks so we could backtrack if necessary?
> On 12/8/21 2:33 PM, J. Landman Gay via use-livecode wrote:
>> I seem to have ruined my Android SDK setup. It all used to work but I haven't built an app 
>> since I installed Big Sur.
>> I have installed Android 11 Platform 30, Sources for Android 30, Android SDK Build-Tools 
>> 30.0.3 (28.0.3 is still in there too) and Android SDK Command-line tools 3.0. I also have 
>> some older installations still in place.
>> In case there was a permissions issue, I gave everyone "read-only" permissions in Finder for 
>> the entire SDK folder and all its contents.
>> LC 9.6.5 says the SDK folder is invalid. The same folder used to work as far back as 9.6.1 
>> but now all my LC apps say the folder is invalid.
>> So now what?

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