PDF Viewer widget - how to enable interaction?

Keith Clarke keith.clarke at me.com
Wed Dec 8 10:01:22 EST 2021

Hi folks,
Can anyone share any experiences with the PDF Viewer widget that’s available via the old Business Edition or Pro Pack subscription?

I’m testing this on LC 9.6.5 with a Pro subscription on Mac 11.6. Following the PDF guide https://livecode.com/resources/guide/ I’ve been able to load various PDF documents into the viewer widget and view, paginate, scroll, etc. I can select text, as per the example code in the guide and this ability to select toggles with the autoHighlight property on the widget - as expected. However, I’m struggling to get much else.

The widget seems to be rendering the PDF documents in a passive ‘preview’ mode, in that they seem to lack any of the interactive behaviour available when opened in Preview or Adobe reader. There are no hovers or navigation on obvious links or bookmarks. Furthermore, other than documentPages and documentMetadata, all of the arrays that should handle these navigation elements are empty - documentBookmarks, documentNamedDestination, linkStyles.

Maybe I’ve missed another property that needs to be set to enable interaction? I don’t see any obvious setting to change in the dictionary, the LC guide doc, LC forums or online sources of documentation.

Any clues gratefully received...

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