Ghost in the Machine?

preid at preid at
Wed Dec 8 09:05:11 EST 2021

I'm trying to provide an upload facility for an existing on-line club membership app. This app has a bulk loading facility for initial set up and is designed for whole database configuration. In addition the app provides a manual on-line form with 20+ fields making up a member's record.

Ideally my user would use a facility to upload 1 or more files with rows of details , each row containing a collection of all the inputs for my user to use. Sadly, there's no bulk loading facility, so the user has to type in most of the details from the membership form.

So here comes the 'Ghost' bit, is it possible to make an LC app that mimics keyboard and mouse inputs as if the user was there interacting with the on-line form? If I can do this my user would have a file of inputs which they could send to the membership database, sit back and watch the ghostly app 'type' and 'mouse click' their way through completing the on-line form.

Any suggestions please?

Peter Reid
Loughborough, UK

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