Linux Speech Support?

preid at preid at
Mon Dec 6 04:34:52 EST 2021

Has anyone managed to used text-to-speech for Linux? I'm using the latest LC 9.6.5 stable release, building for Mac, Win64 and Linux64. The Mac and Win build OK but I get the following warning for the Linux build:

	Linux x86-64, external No externals.txt config file found for Speech

The Linux app builds and runs OK except that the text-to-speech doesn't work. I've tried manually selecting inclusions but there's nothing appropriate. I've tried including Android speech support inclusions, just in case it might work with Linux; it doesn't.

So, general question - has anyone got text-to-speech (or speech-to-text) working with Linux? For speech in general there are the following inclusions:

	Android Speech-to-text (all platforms are listed)
	Speech Library (X, iOS, Android only)
	Speech (X, Win only)

Any suggestions please?

Peter Reid
Loughborough, UK

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