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Robert Earp rjearp99 at
Fri Dec 3 13:17:47 EST 2021

Thanks for the great advice Jacqueline, it was the old Courier that I had tried.  I’ve now changed to Helvetica Neu and we’ll see how that fairs.

best, Bob...

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> I did a quick search and probably found the same things you did. It does seem to point to a 
> font problem. I know you said you'd tried different fonts but maybe another one would work. In 
> general, Arial and Helvetica are very complete but you may have others. You can use Font Book 
> to examine them and see which ones have the most extensive set of glyphs. I'd think Courier 
> would work though, and you tried that. Check to see if your Courier has a complete set of 
> glyphs, I don't think the older original Courier did but Courier New does.
> If we were talking about LC I'd think it was a problem with 8-bit vs. 16-bit translations but 
> you'd think Mail would know how to deal with that.
> Also, I read that you need to restart Mail when you change the default font.

Robert (Bob) Earp
White Rock
British Columbia

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