under Linux (Ubuntu)

Mark Clark markclark at
Mon Aug 30 17:20:34 EDT 2021

Okay, ya know why didn’t I look in opt before I posted that msg? lol.

But I am still curious why the lib that allows non-Amazon S3 endpoints isn’t what comes with upgrades at this point.

Thanks to any helpful responses that I won’t see until the digest posts!


> On Aug 30, 2021, at 3:54 PM, Mark Clark <markclark at> wrote:
> On Linux, I don't know where the files from should be placed (vs inside the app bundle). Running Ubuntu 20 if it matters. I’ve poked around some and I see the lib exists under .runrev/documentationcache but that seems odd. 
> I can build from Mac and run on Linux, but seems like I should be doing debug under Linux--except I’m too ignorant to get it working:)
> ( <>) 

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