Sorting text is *VERY* slow in LC9 on Windows (Re: Accumulating text is *VERY* slow in LC9 on Windows)

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Mon Aug 30 15:22:11 EDT 2021

Thanks to Mark Waddingham's advice about using a buffer var when accumulating 
a large text variabel in stages, I've now got a script that took 8 hours under 
LC9, and (8 minutes under LC6) down by stages to just under 1 hour under LC9.

However I have some remaining issues not amenable to this approach; of which 
the most significant relates to the sort command.

In all cases it seems to take much longer under LC9 than it did under LC6; 
although the factor is quite variable. The most dramatic is one instance, in 
which this statement:

	sort lines of tNewTable by item iSortCol of each

takes 35 minutes to execute. `tNewTable` is a variable consisting of some 
223,000 lines of text; approx 70MB. The exact same statement with the same 
data on the same computer in LC6 takes just 1 second.

Has anyone else noticed something of this sort? As I said, the effect varies: 
e.g. 54 seconds versus 1 second; 22 seconds versus 1 second. So it may not be 
so noticeable in all cases.



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