Property inspector opening with wrong object

Neville Smythe neville.smythe at
Wed Aug 25 19:38:48 EDT 2021

>  By double-clicking a selected object when with the pointer tool? By selecting from the ?Object? menu?
> Craig

I had forgotten about opening the Inspector with double-click, I had got into the habit of opening from the contextual menu. The bug is not happening just now so I can’t check if double-click will always work correctly.
> What happens if you open the object inspector, then select an object on a card? It *should* change to the properties of the selected object. 
> Bob S

The Inspector does change to the desired object if I then select the object, so it is not a complete disaster.

Clearing the preferences doesn’t help (had to do that after upgrading to 9.6.3 because the bottom part of the script editor disappeared - did anyone ever find out what triggered that? - but the IP bug happened before and after clearing Preferences).
>>> On Aug 24, 2021, at 11:39 PM, Neville Smythe via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
>>> Has anyone else experienced this? It is very annoying.
>>> Sometime when I open the Property Inspector for an object it opens the inspector for the stack instead. I don?t know what triggers it, but once it starts happening it always happens; relaunching LC restores sanity for a while. This is on a Mac using Catalina LC 9.6.3 but it has been happening for  while now.
>>> Neville Smythe

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