setting the dragImage under LC 9.6.3

Paul Dupuis paul at
Wed Aug 25 17:36:54 EDT 2021

I have a situation I just noticed running under LC 9.6.3.

I have a field where you can drag lines to drop on other specific lines. 
on dragStart, take a snapshot of the line just clicked and make set and 
existing image object to the image data of the snapshot.
   put pText into fld "DragList"
   export snapshot from fld "DragList" to tImg as PNG
   put tImg into img "CodeBookDrag"

I have check all this in the debugger. The field "DragList" has the text 
of the line clicked on at the start of the drag. The image 
"CodeBookDrag" is set to an image of the field containing the text - all 
is good

In my dragStart handler, I have:

set the dragImage to the id of image "CodeBookDrag" of this cd

on macOS (Mojave), as I perform the drag, the cursor changes to the line 
of text image (YEA!)

on Windows (same exact code) , the cursor remains a circle with a slash 
(default) when over a line that can not be dropped on and a plus icon 
over a lien that can be dropped on.

This used to work cross-platform. The code is the same across macOS and 
Windows. Has anyone else seen an issue like this? is dragImage broken on 

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