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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Aug 10 22:01:00 EDT 2021

Paul Dupuis wrote:

 >  Using the message watcher is practically useless unless I took the
 >  time to filter out all the existing messages I am not looking for.

How about in addition to filtering by message name you could also filter 
by any part of the long name of the object containing the called handler...

And have results listed in indented outline format so you can easily see 
the calling chain from user event all the way down...

And optionally save the session log to a file...

And have profiling info provided with relative timing and frequency of 

And didn't want to wait for an enhancement request to find its way 
through the company work queue...

Here I took a moment to outline 4W Flight Recorder, a free tool I wrote 
some time ago and rely on every week:

4W Flight Recorder is available in the Stacks section of the GoLiveNet 
plugin in the IDE.

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